SFU’s Women in Engineering & Women in Computing Science ‘Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling’ Networking Night

March 20, 2024

The "Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling" Networking Night, held on January 30, 2024, was an unforgettable evening dedicated to empowerment, networking, and fostering inclusivity in the workplace. The event was hosted by SFU’s Women in Engineering (WIE) and Women in Computing Science (WiCS) and sponsored by SFU's Faculty of Applied Sciences and School of Computing Science, Deloitte, Capgemini, InnovateBC, Teck, and Workday. The event brought together professionals from various industries to share experiences, insights, and strategies for overcoming barriers and reaching new heights in their careers. With an impressive turnout of 70 student attendees, the event exemplified the commitment of the community towards supporting and empowering the next generation of leaders.

The heart of the event lies in its engaging panel discussions, where accomplished leaders shared their personal stories of breaking through the glass ceiling. From navigating challenges to seizing opportunities, panelists provided invaluable insights and inspiration for attendees. Discussions ranged from strategies for career advancement to the importance of diversity and inclusion in leadership roles. Attendees had the opportunity to visit sponsor booths, learn about their initiatives, and explore potential career opportunities.

The networking session was a key component of the event, allowing attendees to connect with like-minded professionals, expand their professional networks, and exchange ideas. The networking took place in 5 rounds of 15-minute sessions. The atmosphere buzzed with energy as attendees engaged in meaningful conversations, shared experiences, and forged new connections. From seasoned executives to emerging leaders, attendees found common ground in their shared pursuit of breaking through barriers and achieving success.

We had the privilege of hosting an exceptional and diverse cohort of industry professionals from various positions such as Solution Owner, Business Systems Analyst, Delivery Head, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Developer, Product Manager, Software Engineer, Video Software Architect, Development Manager, Project Manager, Solutions Architect, Applied Machine Learning Engineer, Information Security Analyst, Web Developer, Researcher, and more!

The event gathered four panelists and seventeen mentors from sixteen companies, including Teck, Capgemini, Samsung, Meta, Google, Intel Corporation, Electronic Arts, Slalom Build, Fraser Health Authority, Lululemon, Fortinet, Borealis AI, Sanctuary AI, Workday, The Beyond Group, and UBC. These mentors provided guidance and support to attendees from various positions across these esteemed companies, fostering growth and development within the industry.

The “Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling” Networking Night was a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired, empowered, and equipped with actionable strategies for advancing their careers. As we reflect on the event, we are reminded of the power of community, collaboration, and solidarity in overcoming barriers and creating a more inclusive future.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all attendees, sponsors, panelists, mentors, and volunteers who made this event possible. Together, let us continue to break through the glass ceiling, shatter barriers, and build a workplace where everyone can thrive.

Stay tuned for future events and initiatives as we continue our commitment to fostering diversity, inclusion, and empowerment in the workplace.

Until next time!

SFU’s Women in Engineering & Women in Computing Science