High School Guidance Counsellors

Helping you guide your students

At SFU, we want to engage with high school counsellors and learn from your insights into what high school students want to know when deciding on a university degree.

In the School of Computing Science, we are always happy to work with counsellors when you have questions about how to advise students interested in computing or need assistance with admissions and scholarship applications.

For general questions on helping your students or about our programs contact: asadvise@sfu.ca

To arrange a campus tour or school visit: fasinfo@sfu.ca

Why computing science?

Computing science is a growing area that offers numerous and varied opportunities in almost any field. Many people think of computing science as being all about software development, when in fact it goes much deeper than that. It's an area in which graduates can make a real difference in the world as technology advances at a rapid rate.

Our graduates are very employable without further training or education. Starting salaries and employment rates for our alumni are among the highest of any degree or trades program offered in B.C. Please contact us for more information about computing science careers or browse our Programs section.

Arrange a tour

We can arrange tour for individual students, families, teachers and counsellors. These tours include not only the School of Computing Science labs and study spaces, but also all applied sciences programs at SFU and a brief look at the broader SFU campus. Led by one of our Applied Sciences students, these tours are also a great way for high school students to get answers to any of their questions about the program and what it's like to be a student at SFU.

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Arrange a school visit

We also offer longer tours for high school student groups for schools with a significant number of Grade 11 and 12 students interested in Applied Sciences programs. We can customize these tours to the needs and age-range of your groups, including co-op education and program presentations, admissions question and answer sessions, and current student panels.

If you would like to book a more general visit of SFU with a Computing Science component, we are also happy to work with our university-wide recruitment office to arrange this.

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Take a student-led tour and learn more about our computing science programs.

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