Part-time, onlinePlain Language Certificate

Expand your professional communication skills

Grad Erin creates clear and accessible communications for B.C.'s government. Read her story

The need for plain language expertise is growing, as governments and organizations around the world recognize the importance of precise, clear communication with the public. Plain language skills are now in demand in an increasing number of fields—including publishing, law, education, government, health services, immigrant services, marketing, PR, technical communications and graphic design.  

SFU's part-time, online Plain Language Certificate program is designed for communication professionals ready to expand their skill set. Our comprehensive training will allow you to convey any message so that the broadest possible audience can understand it.

Learn from industry experts

You'll learn from established industry experts who bring real-world knowledge and experience in plain language communication. Our flexible, online program is ideal for working professionals, and you can complete your certificate in as little as one year.

Gain practical tools to further your career

Plain language training will broaden and enhance your skills as an effective communicator. It could even launch your career as a plain language practitioner. Our program will allow you to:

  • Analyze and edit communications for usability
  • Write and organize information clearly for readers
  • Develop effective business documents
  • Target communications for different audiences
  • Understand graphic design principles that impact readability
  • Gain hands-on experience by creating a communication piece for a community group

Elective courses will also give you the opportunity to apply plain language in the key areas of legal, health and technical communications.