Seeking Students 

So, you’re ready to start applying to co-op job postings on myExperience? Here’s what you need to know:

Access to Postings

If you are a new Co-op student, the Arts Co-op team will email instructions to you about accessing our online Orientation course, and it explains the workshops and the steps to becoming a seeking student.

Students who have engaged in a previous co-op job search are considering Returning Students.

There are two steps for Returning Students to complete in order to activate a job search:

Every semester, about 4 weeks before the start of a new semester, Arts Co-op sends Returning Students a detailed email reminder about completing Steps 1&2 if they want access to Co-op postings for the upcoming semester.

Step 1: Student Seeking Survey

After uploading your documents, complete the Seeking Student Survey that will be emailed to you.

Step 2: Update Your Documents in MyExperience

Upload your UPDATED seeking documents to the "Documents" section of myExperience. Please delete any previous documents. The Arts SIS form is available on the Forms page of our website.

  • SIS
  • Resume
  • Co-op Transcript (must be updated with current semester results)

Studying Students

Studying students belong to Arts Co-op and are registered in SFU classes but not applying to Co-op postings. You may have just come back to classes after a Co-op term or postponed applying to Co-op positions after completing your prerequisite semester. You are still part of the Arts Co-op program, as a student with Studying status.