New Students

You’ve been accepted to Co-op! Congratulations! We look forward to working with you.

And here’s what happens next…

New Student Orientation

We’ve developed an online Co-op Orientation course in Canvas to help you navigate your preparation semester – it’s full of helpful tips , plus practical information to help you get ready for a successful Co-op job search.

Bridging Online I

Bridging Online I (“BOL I”) is an interactive online course which runs for 2 weeks and focuses on fundamentals like skills transfer and accomplishment statements.  Students choose a specific BOL 1 session by registering in advance through myExperience. The course is facilitated by an SFU Co-op Coordinator and an Employer Expert, and you’ll gain valuable strategies and advice for revising your resume and cover letter - as well as get some feedback from the Facilitator and other new students in the course.


We’ll walk you through resumes, cover letters and interviews with our in-depth workshops. You’ll need to participate in one of each (or come to our ‘all-in-one’ workshop) in order to move on to the next stage. Bring your resume and cover letter and all your questions. These are highly interactive and always include insights we’ve learned from Co-op employers and alumni. You’ll get detailed information and advice to take your tools to the next level. Our workshop schedule offers various date and time options, including late afternoon and Saturday sessions.


Whether it’s face-to-face, over Skype, Zoom or on the phone, we’ll spend time with you to ensure you’re job-ready! You’ll have an individualized ‘Seeking Evaluation’ session after you’ve finished the workshops to ensure you (and your resume!) are ready to start applying for work term job postings. You’re welcome to arrange a meeting with us for follow up questions, and hey, you can always email or call us too!)