Seeking Students

Upon successful completion of the “Bus Co-op: Intro to Co-op” Course, your next step is to complete the Seeking Survey & update your Documents on myExperience at the beginning of the following semester.  After completion (within the dates specified below), you will be given access to the Co-op job postings to begin applying to co-op positions that will start the following semester.  

Gain Access to Job Postings

Submit your Seeking Student application before the deadline (see instructions below).

To be approved to be a seeking student, complete these 2 steps:

Step 1: Student Seeking Survey

Complete the Seeking Student Survey (visit the important dates page for deadline) for students seeking a work term for the next semester. Complete the survey after uploading your documents.

Late or incomplete seeking applications will not be accepted.

Questions? Email for help.

Step 2: Update myExperience Documents

Upload your UPDATED seeking documents to the "Documents" section of myExperience between the application dates above. Delete any previous documents. Template documents are available on the Forms page of our website.

  • SIS
  • Resume
  • Co-op Transcript (Must be updated with current current semester results)
  • Co-op Education Agreement
  • International students: Upload a copy of your co-op work permit

Studying Students

Who are "Studying Students"?
If you’ve been accepted into SFU Business Co-op, are registered in classes but not applying to co-op jobs, you are considered a “Studying Student”. You may have just come back from a work term or postponed starting applying to co-op jobs after completing your pre-requisite semester. You are still in the co-op program but are just not seeking or working right now.

If you are a "Studying Student", what should you do?
Make sure that you are checking in at the beginning of each semester to find out when the Seeking Student deadline is under Important Dates. Directions on completing your Seeking Student information, including important links, can be found under our Seeking Student section on the website. Information in both of these sections will be updated at the end of each semester in addition to reminder emails being sent to you.