Sample Jobs

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Clinical Research Assistant

  • Consent and discuss research projects with eligible patients
  • Administer questionnaires with participants
  • Answer any and all study related questions
  • Navigate the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for relevant information
  • Schedule and guide participants through clinical appointments
  • Call participants to complete necessary study follow-up procedures

Hand Hygiene Auditor

  • Perform observational audits
  • Enter audit data into a computerized data system and search and access reports
  • Provide peer coaching and offers direct real-time feedback to unit staff, physicians and managers
  • Collaborate with peers, the Hand Hygiene Lead, IPC and other experts both internal and external to the organization to promote best practice for hand hygiene
  • Assist in the development of effective communications and marketing materials for hand hygiene

Health Information Systems Data Analyst

  • Provide electronic health information systems analysis
  • Conduct feasibility studies, plan or modify procedures to solve system problems, and prepare detailed specifications for development work
  • Solve existing systems logic difficulties as required
  • Assist with operational data quality control activities
  • Assist with strategy research and development: literature review, usability analysis, quality control activities

Health Promotion Coordinator

  • Create strategies to increase patient knowledge, awareness and motivation to take ownership of their health,
  • Develop and delivery of target population specific resources under the direction of Project Leader
  • Work with Project Leader and graphic designer for the development of education and communication resources; such as infographics, photos, and slides, presentations video clips, written articles audio and video interviews. 
  • Work with Evaluation Specialist in completing program monitoring logs and evaluation observations

Lab Assistant

  • Harvest blood and other body fluids (plasma, buffy coat, tissue, etc.)
  • Transport of specimens between hospitals
  • Perform sample requests and data management
  • Adhere to laboratory sterile techniques and safety
  • Perform general lab maintenance
  • Prepare cells for single cell sequencing
  • Perform drug testing in cell lines (IC50, growth curve, etc.)

Project Assistant

  • Create and manage Excel databases and templates
  • Assist with developing written reports and documents
  • Search, review, summarize and interpret relevant clinical, scientific and policy reports/documents
  • Enter data, conduct basic analyses and create graphs in Excel
  • Collate and summarize relevant data/information and written materials
  • Assist with creating communication and educational materials (PowerPoint)