Working Students 

Congratulations, you landed a Co­-op job! Your hard work, persistence and tailored applications paid off. Now what?

Before Your Work Term

Step 1: Employment Confirmation

After you accept a co-op job offer, you will receive a Co-op Employment Confirmation email outlining your next steps to prepare for your upcoming work term. Carefully read as there is important information regarding your Co-op Practicum Registration, Student Loans, U-Pass, Open Scholarships and more!

Step 2: Practicum Registration & Canvas Course

We will be register you into your appropriate Co-op Practicum Course in goSFU and send you an invitation to a Co-op Practicum Canvas course.

Throughout your work term, you are expected to complete all the assignments in the Canvas Course to receive a passing grade for your work term.

During Your Work Term

When starting a new job it's important to remember that the people you work with will be your references for future employment and post-graduate opportunities. Treat co-workers and people at every level in your workplace with the same courtesy and respect that you yourself would like to be treated.