Sample Jobs 

Here are some areas that Interactive Arts and Technology Co-op students will work in during their co-op terms.

For more information to research careers in Interactive Arts and Technology, see SFU Career Services.

Junior UX Designer

The successful applicant should demonstrate a strong understanding of user-centered design, including contextual design principles. 

Responsibilities may include:

  • Work with the Senior UX Designer to optimize products and services for a range of clients
  • Conduct user research and usability testing to ensure all designs meet client and user requirements
  • Analyze all research and feedback to gain user insight – and incorporate this feedback into new designs
  • Assist in the production of wireframes, prototypes, concept sketches, interaction designs and user flows using key tools such as Sketch, InVision, Axure or similar.
  • Help to create clean and simple user-centred designs
  • Work with developers and designers to build user-friendly mobile apps
  • Attend UX conferences and training events as and when required
  • Assist the Senior UX Designer in creating design rationale and specifications

Key Skills/Experience:

  • A basic understanding of Sketch, InVision, Axure or similar
  • A good working knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Proficient in wireframing and comfortable producing concept sketches and user flows
  • A passion for UX and UI
  • A strong portfolio which demonstrates work across a range of clients
  • A good working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite
  • Some experience of user research and usability testing would be a bonus
  • Experience with mobile and responsive design is highly desirable
  • Strong communication skills

Video Editor Co-op

The successful applicant will be an active member of our Art Department, hired primarily to work on web-design projects (continuation of new design creation for our recently launched website – closely working with our web developer). They will collaborate with, assist, and provide feedback on other non–web projects such as video, packaging design, newsletter design, document and print materials and much more.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Create professional quality videos using in-house resources, ensuring that videos are in-brand and follow the latest trends in marketing and design
  • Be involved in the complete cycle of production, which includes gathering information on the needs of the content, creating scripts and organizing logistics, implementing film industry techniques in the recording process, and editing video content
  • Support other teams to ensure high quality and in-brand content, updating product explainer videos on our website, and creating graphic design outputs to support other marketing initiatives.

Key Skills/Experience:

  • Previous video editing experience and/or previous co-op experience is an asset
  • Familiarity with DSLR camera equipment and sound recording equipment
  • Proficiency with Adobe Suite (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, and/or Photoshop)
  • Talent in the art of storytelling, demonstrating creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities  
  • Strong analytical skills to understand full project scope and lifecycle
  • Ability to share ideas and take a creative project from ideation to the final stage
  • Excellent communication skills and openness to feedback and direction
  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills to manage multiple projects and ensure project delivery

User Interface Designer

The successful applicant will be responsible for creating the visual and interactive designs across properties & platforms.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Solving user problems by creating elegant and dynamic interfaces that clearly execute design briefs and follow user recommendations.
  • Translating wire frames, content, and information architecture diagrams into compelling designs and sequenced presentations.
  • Creating content and marketing assets for completed projects.
  • Participating in the building of screens by translating mock-ups into mark-up.
  • Translating high-level vision into compelling visual targets for the UI.
  • Partnering with artists, engineers and designers in a collaborative, small team environment.
  • Working with UI engineers to ensure correct implementation of designs.
  • Using mark-up language to build UI screens and components.
  • Creating art assets based on style guides and art direction.

Game Designer

Responsibilities may include:

  • Helping to standardize the flows and processes within our content generation pipelines.
  • Building relationships with development and creative teams to facilitate idea generation and feature implementation.
  • Assisting to input data into our games.
  • Tuning various unit, equipment and building values for our games.
  • Able to understand game mechanics and game content pipelines and contribute unique concepts, ideas and solutions.

Design & Communication Specialist

Responsibilities may include:

  • Designing eye-catching promotional materials to targeted specific audiences.
  • Managing the University’s social media account.
  • Creating promotional videos for marketing purposes.
  • Managing event planning for various promotional events.
  • Researching and writing articles (with the opportunity of being published in newspapers seen by more than 175,000 readers through 24 Hours).
  • Creating new content and visuals for various webpages, using the new Adobe CQ5.
  • Delivering a portion of content at our biweekly presentations - with an emphasis on engaging public speaking.
  • Assisting with Communications & Marketing in a variety of ways.

Web Designer

The successful candidate will possess excellent HTML & CSS skills and be ready to demonstrate these attributes in a real-world environment.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Front-end web-designing and development skills.
  • Reading and understanding existing programming code in PHP, JavaScript and jQuery (be willing to expand their knowledge of these programming languages).
  • Researching and learning about the latest in web technologies in a self-directed manner.
  • Demonstrated understanding of design principles.
  • Excellent client-service and trouble-shooting skills.
  • Experience with Photoshop, Illustrator.