New Students

Welcome to the SIAT Co-op Program! Once your application to the SIAT Co-op Program has been accepted, you will have full access to myExperience, an online system where you can register for events, book appointments, apply for jobs, and schedule interviews. You will also be added to the SIAT Co-op: Preparation Canvas Course, where you’ll start the first phase of your co-op journey.

Preparing for Seeking Term

To prepare for job seeking, the mandatory next steps are:

Step 1. PrePAration

Apply for Co-op Work Permit
(for International Students only)
Gain automatic access to the SIAT Co-op: Preparation Canvas Course
Complete all the course modules
Attend the SIAT Workshops
Complete a Seeking Evaluation:
Implement learning until all assignments are complete!

Step 2. Seeking Term

Upon successful completion of STEP 1, gain automatic entry to the SIAT Co-op: Seeking Canvas Course
Update term-specific documents 
Receive and/or maintain "release status" (i.e. access to view Co-op positions on myExperience)
  Work in Spring
Work in Summer
Work in Fall

Preparation Term 
(Completing SIAT Co-op: Preparation Canvas Course)

Summer 2023 Fall 2023 Spring 2024

Seeking Term
(Applying and interviewing for Jobs)

Fall 2023 Spring 2024 Summer 2024