Senior Supervisor

  • The senior supervisor will counsel the student regarding course work and the selection of a Supervisory Committee. 
  • The School of Criminology accepts limited new Doctoral students each year. In order to receive an offer of admission a member of the School faculty must agree to be a student's senior supervisorProspective applicants should explore with a faculty member the possibility that shared interests might result in a supervisory relationship.

Supervisory Committee

  • By the beginning of the second semester, the senior supervisor will recommend a Supervisory Committee to the Graduate Programs Committee for approval. 
  • The Supervisory Committee will normally consist of three members, two of whom must be from the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University. University procedures specify that a formal application to the Dean of Graduate Studies confirming Supervisory Committees is required (Approval of Supervisory Committee form), and must be submitted to the Graduate Programs Assistant by the second semester in the program.
  • Any changes to committees (for example, if one member will be absent from campus for an extended period) require approval in the same manner on a Change of Supervisory Committee form.

DOWNLOAD FORMS from Graduate Studies website.

Absence of Senior Supervisor

While the student is developing their thesis it may be necessary for the Senior Supervisor to be away from campus for periods of time. Senate regulation 1.6.3 states: If the Senior Supervisor is planning to be off-campus for any length of time, they shall arrange for proper supervision of the student during his/her absence. The Graduate Programs Committee and the Dean of Graduate Studies shall be informed in writing of any such arrangement.