Support during international incidents, global events and crises

SFU community members often have deep ties to their home community. We recognize that world events that impact a person’s home community (conflict, natural disaster, violence or restriction of rights and freedoms) can cause distress and can impact their education or work at SFU. 

For faculty and staff

If you are affected by any world event and need support, please see SFU’s Community Supports page.

For students

If you are a student who needs help because of stress or hardship due to a world event, please see SFU’s Community Supports page. SFU also has additional support, including academic concessions (at the discretion of your instructor or professor) for missed classes, uncompleted work, or missed exams, as well as mental health resources and various advising supports for students.  

Support for international students

Case by case: International Student Advising Team
The SFU International Student Advising team support students with questions relating to Canadian immigration documents and regulations, medical insurance and the Canadian healthcare system and intercultural transition support and referrals.

Mental health

SFU Health & Counselling 
SFU Health & Counselling offers numerous supports, including self-led resources, counselling services and one-on-one support, as well as urgent support. Access Case Managers are available to support students directly impacted by the situation, providing relevant resources, triaging and emotional support.

My SSP is available 24/7, via app or phone, to all SFU students (graduate, undergraduate and post-doc). Students can access immediate and ongoing, confidential mental health and well-being support. Available in multiple languages from North America or abroad.

Academic help

Academic Concessions
Academic concessions are granted when unexpected situations or circumstances prevent students from participating in course-related activities, which could include missing a class, or completing graded work or exams. Speak with your instructor to understand what support is available. Granting an academic concession is up to the discretion of the instructor.

Academic Advising (Requires CAS Login)
If you are experiencing a situation needing academic support, please connect with an academic advisor directly or through Advisor Link and get access to their success team for support.

Fees and financial help

Student Fees
Students can connect with Student Accounts should they need support with delayed payments, or any questions/concerns related to their student fees.

Financial Aid
If financial assistance is required, please contact SFU Financial Aid and Awards. Students can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine eligibility for one-time emergency assistance. You can also speak with a financial advisor to find out more about Bursary Funding.

Delaying your residence move in or move out

Residence and Housing
Students living in one of our Residences can reach out to Residence Life staff for situations such as delated move in/out or late residence fees.

Student support, rights and responsibilites

The Office Of Student Support, Rights & Responsibilities
Working with students with complex needs or circumstances that have the potential to severely impact their academic efforts, their personal safety or the safety of others. A case manager can help triage a concerning situation and direct you to appropriate resources.

Need help?

Students, staff and faculty can access equity, diversity and inclusion supports.

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