Holding ourselves accountable

Transparency and accountability are vital components of systemic change. Below you will find key documents and reports that track the current climate of equity, diversity and inclusion at SFU. These reports will guide our efforts as we develop new strategies and tools.

Equity Compass Report

SFU has had Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) as a strategic goal since 2020, but has not had an equity strategic plan. To fill this gap, a thematic review was completed of 15 past equity-related reports and assessments and the resulting themes formed an Equity Compass framework.

Trans Equity Survey 2023

With current world events, transgender, non-binary, Two-Spirit, and other gender-diverse people have good reason to question if their safety and inclusion are prioritized at SFU. Inspired by the work of groups like Out on Campus and of individual trans community members and allies, a group of SFU staff, faculty members and grad students launched the Trans Equity Survey in Spring 2023. The survey produced key data in order to more clearly identify gender-diverse inequity at SFU and hopefully lay a foundation for better communication among 2SLGBTQIA+ staff and better support collaboration, ally-ship, and resource-sharing regarding trans equity for marginalized people at SFU. Please note: In the survey, the word “trans,” is used intending to be inclusive while acknowledging that some gender-diverse people do not identify with the term, though they may face similar issues at our institution.

Scarborough Charter on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion in Canadian Higher Education

SFU is one of more than 40 universities and colleges across Canada that have officially signed the Scarborough Charter, vowing to redress anti-Black racism and foster Black inclusion in higher education.

Previous institutional reports

Year Author Title
2007 SFU Human Rights Office
Employment Systems Review for Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC)
2009 Raven Design Consultants
SFU Access Corrdior: Physical Access Report
2016 SFU Salary Equity Recommendation
Final Report
2017 SFU Canada Research Chairs (CRC) Equity Advisory Committee
SFU Canada Research Chairs Program: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan
2017 Ginny Victoria Van Pelt, Masters of Public Policy, SFU
Reflecting the Mosaic: An Investigation of Diversity at Academic Institutions
2018 Kim Hart, previous Special Advisor to the Provost, EDI, SFU
Special Advisor's Final Report to SFU Executive: SFU EDI Initiative
2019 SFU Centre for Accessible Learning
Rick Hansen Assessment Draft: Key Areas to Improve Current Accessibility on Campus
2020 Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity Meter Survey: Executive Summary and Insights Presentation Report
2020 Keeling Associates
Review of Student Programs and Services Final Report
2020 SFU EDI Advisory Council Statement on Anti-Black Racism
2020 Academic Women of Simon Fraser University Radical Inclusion: Equity and Diversity Among Female Faculty at Simon Fraser University
2021 SFU Steering Committee on Personal Safety
Personal Safety on Campus
2022 RADIUS SFU SFU Surrey Campus Antiracism Engagement Initiative Summary Report
2022 Contract Worker Justice @ SFU A Preliminary Report by Contract Worker Justice @ SFU
2022 SFU What's Next: The SFU Strategy

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