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Please check here first for any undergraduate forms that you may need. If the form you desire is not here please contact the General Engineering Office - ASB 10700, or the Undergraduate Program Assistant via email at Links back to committee pages are included where applicable and should be used as reference. Co-op Forms can be found in the Co-op section of the website.

ENSC Course Navigator

This tool is designed to assist engineering students with course planning, this version is intended for students who started in SFU engineering Fall 2013 or later.  Students who started in engineering prior to this date should consult the academic calendar and the FAS Advisors for assistance with course planning. 

ENSC Course Navigator - Fall 2013 onward

CGPA < 2.4  and/or No Option Advising

Effective summer 2015, registration in 300/400 level ENSC classes (except ENSC 320) requires:

  1. A CGPA of 2.40 or higher (in addition to any stated prerequisite courses)

For students below a 2.40 CGPA and/or have yet to declare an option:

If you intend to enroll in a 300/400 level ENSC course:

  1. Check the FAS advising website to see up-to-date information about virtual drop-in or booked advising zoom sessions:
  2. Complete the 2.40 Advising / No Option Form.
  3. Meet a FAS advisor virtually for an advising appointment.
  4. Enroll in courses on your enrollment date.

Tips for creating a Study Plan

Study Plan Template

Declaring Your Engineering Science Option

Students who entered the program Fall 2013 and later: To be eligible to enrol in upper division engineering courses, excluding ENSC 320, students must have declared their option.

Students who entered the program in Summer 2013 and earlier: Engineering students based at the Burnaby campus must declare their options (concentrations) before their fourth semester.

Students who have not declared their option may also be unable to register in courses that are specific to certain options. Further down the line, they may also run into complications with the grad check process.

Please check your Advising Transcript on go.sfu to see if your option is already on the system (you will find it listed as your concentration under the Student Programs section just below your personal information). If it is not there, you can declare your option by submitting the online form at

All Other Appeals 

For all other appeals, please submit the form at and indicate the details of the appeal you are requesting.