SFU Engineering Science students develop invaluable systems design skills alongside a deep foundation of technical knowledge. Our fast-paced, immersive program challenges undergraduates to become innovators with effective communication skills, entrepreneurial drives and great real-world experience.


Students in the Bachelor of Applied Science program [BASc and BASc (Honors)] follow common core courses in their first two years. From the third year on, they specialize in a program option or field of concentrated study. Options may be followed as a major or honours program (where applicable). The honours degree requires a thesis that demonstrates the student’s skill in their chosen field.

Your five major program options are:

Biomedical Engineering (Honours only)

Computer Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Engineering Physics (Honours only)

Systems Engineering

There is also an accelerated Master's program open to top students currently enrolled in the BASc program at SFU.  This joint program is designed for top engineering undergraduates who want to fast-track their graduate education in the School of Engineering Science at SFU.

There is also a minor in Computer and Electronics Design.

For essential information on program requirements, click here and for further details on the common core curriculum, click here.