Course Drop Deadlines Policy

When planning a semester, student should remember deadlines related to dropping courses:

  1. University deadlines and penalties will apply for all course drops (for deadlines refer to here).

    The sole exception is requests from students who get co-op placements after the first penalty period takes effect provided these students have their drops done through the Co-op Office.

    However, if a student chooses to take a course in addition to a co-op practicum, all regulations (i.e., deadlines, penalties and paperwork) will apply to this course in the event the student wishes to drop it later in the semester.

  2. With the above-noted exception, students will do all their own course drops, up to and including week 5 of any given semester. Commencing in week 6, students must either:

    1. contact the Registrar’s Office to arrange a course drop under extenuating circumstances; or,
    2. complete a Request for Undergraduate Course Change form (available from the Undergraduate Program Assistant at the Burnaby or Surrey offices) which must be signed off by the course instructor and the Engineering Science Director. This form is used only to backdate a drop because of administrative error; or to drop a course for which no tuition penalty should be assessed because another course has been substituted for it (added after the end of Week 2 of classes) by the student.