September - Food Security

Food security is the focus for September and we challenge our students, faculty, staff and alumni to share how they are making food security a priority in their lives.


Food security means that you have reliable access to a variety and sufficient amount of food that is affordable, and nutritious.

What are the some of the challenges of creating food security?

  • Globally we produce enough food to feed the world and yet starvation and malnourisment exist in high numbers.
  • We waste about one third of the food we produce.
  • Food security requries water (to grow plants/feed animals), energy (to tend to plants and animals and also to transport goods), and food (to feed livestock, nourish plants). Climate change is impacting all three.  How can we create resiliency giving our changing climate?
  • Equity challenges are real.  Personal income affects food access and choice.  Is it ethical to export food from one region or country to another one that can afford to pay a higher price for it when people in the place of origin are hungry? Many remote, marginalized or minority communities cannot access or afford to buy nutritious food.
  • Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the demand at local food banks is exploding in Metro Vancouver.

Ways to participate

Julia, our Communications and Events Assistant, kicks off the challenge by trying out a plant-based diet for a day, documenting her experience and sharing it on our Instagram (@sfuenv). We invite you to share your postive actions. Some ideas include...

  • Go plant-based for a week, day or meal
  • Share your favorite sustainable recipes 
  • Make a meal using home grown foods
  • Reduce your food waste - eat leaftovers and use your food scraps 

How to enter

  • Submit a photo and share your experience here. 
  • Your entry may be shared on our Instagram channel (@sfuenv). 
  • A grand prize will be awarded to the entry with the highest number of likes, comments and shares each month. This month's prize is a $50 gift card to Meet on Main.
  • Share your post on your channel to help increase engagement
  • All participants will be entered into a random draw to win Nature Bee's Beezwax Wraps (below). 


 $50 Gift Card to Meet on Main

GRAND PRIZE for Post with the highest engagement

Flowers and Bee Large Wraps Pack (2) - Beezwax Wraps

Random Draw

This month's winning posts are...

Thank you to everyone for participating! 

Check out what our students are doing to help improve food security in their communities.