GES Student Embarks Upon Her Journey at SFU to Delve into Human-Wildlife Conflict Research

December 10, 2021

Oshin Joshipura joins the Faculty of Environment from Tanzania with a dream to study human-wildlife conflict. A recent second-year transfer student from Fraser International College (FIC), shares her experience of coming to SFU and finding a home in the Global Environmental Systems (GES) program.

Like many students, post-secondary was not a straight path for Oshin. Having developed a deep bond with animals and the environment while volunteering at the wildlife rescue centre in Tanzania, she did not hesitate to apply to the Faculty of Environment when she discovered its promising programs. Initially, she transferred into the Human Geography program but after her first semester she found a better fit in the GES program.

Oshin is interested in the diverse perspectives concerning the human-wildlife conflict and believes that the issue needs more public attention. In addition to achieving academic success, Oshin hopes to get more involved with the SFU community, and improve her intercultural and collaboration skills.

As Oshin continues her journey, she has two ultimate goals: to raise awareness by educating communities about the importance of wildlife conservation and to find solutions that can mitigate the human-wildlife conflict.