Michael Vegh

Before graduating in 2018, Michael shared his story with us:

I’m am in my final year of undergraduate studies at Simon Fraser University, concentrating in Resource and Environmental Management. Upon graduation, I aspire to work alongside Indigenous communities, and assist in their stewardship goals. It is my belief that resource management adhering to the environmental stewardship of indigenous communities can produce both ecological and economic stability.

Prior to the official announcement of the REM major, I enrolled in courses foundational to the degree out of natural interest. Once I caught wind of the new Bachelor of Environment, I realized that the courses I have been enjoying the most were integral to REM. With no hesitation, I applied for this program, and ever since I have had an inspired academic journey.

Being a Bachelors of Environment has appeal beyond the classroom. Once enrolled, I connected with other BEnv students, and before long we were working alongside each other to create the Environmental Resource Student Union: The Departmental Student Union for the Environmental Resource Management, Global Environmental Systems, and Sustainable Business undergraduate students. It is here we come together, to enhance sustainability and bring ecological challenges to the forefront of our communities. As a passionate membership, we are dedicated to finding resolution for environmental degradation across the globe.

Personally, my favorite aspect of the REM major is the inclusion of First Nations Studies. As the long-standing stewards of North America since time immemorial, their cultural knowledge plays a vital role in solving our modern challenges. A respectful understanding of Indigenous knowledge is fundamental for efforts of conservation or restoration over any landscape.

"Trying to strike a balance between development and ecological integrity is always a tough discussion to have, but they are absolutely necessary."

Watch Michael's interview where he explains why he chose Resource and Environmental Management, and shares how his Co-op experience with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada went!