Mirtha Gamiz

Mirtha grew up in Mexico City and moved to Victoria, BC to pursue her undergraduate degree. In Victoria, she completed an Associate of General Science Degree with a focus in Chemistry and Geography courses.

Mirtha chose SFU because of the Resource and Environment Management Program (REM).

She got interested in the REM program because it gives her a broad perspective on how to manage, in the best possible way, the environment. Successful policies and management of the environment require context and awareness of the relationships between nature and our society. The degree incorporates science, society and economy aspects required to create successful environmental policies and management techniques in different sectors.

Mirtha is an avid hiker, camper, snowboarder and overall outdoors lover. This program is right for her because it gives her an opportunity to make a positive impact for future generations. The REM program gives her the skills, confidence and mindset to tackle complex issues society is currently facing.  

In addition, she is one of the organisers and leaders of a hiking group created to build community and attachment to the environment. Every season, the group focuses on raising money for different causes. 

During her time at SFU, Mirtha is looking forward for Co-op opportunities and, after her graduation, she is interested in applying for graduate studies.

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