Okorji Emmanuel Chinedu

My name is Okorji Emmanuel Chinedu. I majored in Resource and Environmental Management (REM). I am an International student from Nigeria and loving it in Vancouver. Prior to switching to the Bachelor of Environment (BEnv), I was taking foundational courses at Fraser International College to build up more interest in the field of environmental management, which eventually allowed me to discover the BEnv at SFU.

After graduating with my Bachelor's degree, my goal is to pursue a graduate degree in Resource and Environmental Management. This would enable me pursue a career in sustainable management. So far, my program has made me aware of environmental issues such as First Nations' concerns regarding the environment, and the impacts of climate change on our ecosystems. This program has exposed me to various strategic environmental policies and regulations employed in maintaining a balanced and healthy ecosystem.

The BEnv has given me a clear insight on management techniques employed in areas such as forestry, fishing and protected areas of our ecosystem. This has boosted my confidence in venturing into job opportunities in these key areas.

My reasons for choosing to major in REM is because of my appreciation for nature and wanting to make an impact on our environment. This planet is ours and we owe to no one else but ourselves to keep it safe. With that being said, I encourage students in any faculty that want to know how our environment can be conserved to take REM 200, Introduction to Resource and Environmental Management in Canada, as it provides a clear idea on how management policies are enacted in various sectors across our environment.