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Local Spotlight: The Plant Based Workshop

June 12, 2023

The Plant Based Workshop is a family run business that serves delicious plant-based food at their North Van cafe, and they also sell their locally-made packaged products in the frozen foods section of grocery stores across Canada. 

Be sure to stop by their Local Spotlight Pop-up in Dining Commons at lunch on June 14th, to try out their delicious ramen and read on to learn more about their company and what new products they’re coming out with soon!

What inspired you to start The Plant Based Workshop?

We believe that becoming plant based is the key to living an abundant lifestyle. A relentless focus on growth and wellness started when we lost our father to illness at a young age. Delicious, flavourful food being the center of the family growing up, we recognized the need for more diverse choices in the plant based world. @workshopvegcafe was born in 2016. As we watched customers devour delicious meals at our flagship cafe, we aspired to expand the reach of conveniently packaged, quality meals. @plantbasedworkshop emerged. We are an inclusive community. We know that no single approach is the right one for everyone. No matter your current diet, flexitarian, plant based, we simply create undeniably delicious meals. After all, good food is good food!

Our Mission is to reinvent the world of plant based products by innovating accessible, mind blowing flavours! Originally, our products were created paying homage to our favourite foods growing up. Asian inspired, taking the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. Always made plant based, delicious, wholesome and convenient. Our diverse product line offers plenty of variety to drool over from slurpable noodles, cozy broths, to bouncy and chewy mochi cakes!

What advice do you have for aspiring foodpreneurs?

Passion for tasty grub, amazing flavours and an insatiable appetite for creativity? You are most definitely an aspiring foodpreneur!

First and foremost, at The Plant Based Workshop, we develop recipes and products that sing to our heritage. Our passions that speak to our soul has been the key. The connection to our products that we’ve so carefully created is what sets us apart from the countless other foodies attempting to break through into the market.

More importantly, in the midst of all the chaos of running a business and trying to sell your product, keep developing unique and delicious products that excite your soul. Remember that food is more than just nourishment and sustenance - it’s an experience. Put love and passion into everything you create!

What advice do you have for SFU students who aspire to have their own business one day?

Get comfortable being uncomfortable! Networking, public speaking, hard work and positivity are significant elements when becoming a successful entrepreneur. Constantly work on connections. The uphill battle is always less challenging when you have a wide net of amazing people helping you along the way. We have made some precious, invaluable friends so far!

Constantly keep in mind that the juice is in the journey and the growth, rarely the destination. Don’t forget to have fun! When striving for success, we often lose sight of our core passion and who we are as a person outside of the business. Working hard doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the pleasures of life. Your new innovations and inspirations can come from trying out new things.

What’s coming up next for you?

Our “noods.” -shelf stable ramen noodle kits are launching this fall!!!

These “noods.” ramen kits are UNMATCHED. First to market in the way the noodles are dehydrated, bringing the noodles back to life at a premium restaurant quality texture. The Plant Based Workshop Team has designed this product line to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Non fried noodles. Concentrated liquid shelf stable broth which is rich in flavour, yet free from MSG and preservatives. With its quick convenient 4- minute cooking time, it will leave you absolutely wanting to keep these stocked up in your pantry. It will be launched in two flavours, Garlic Shio Ramen as well as the Spicy Tan Tan Ramen!!

Where can people find you?

You can find The Plant Based Workshop products Nationwide including Whole foods BC,, Fortino’s, Stong’s, Meinhardt, Choices (just to name a few!). Furthermore, we will soon be available at a number of Post Secondary Institutions!

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