SFU Food Sustainability Initiatives


GoGreen is a re-usable container program designed to help reduce the use of single-use packaging on campus.
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Plant-Forward Eating

Plant-forward means selecting more plant proteins in the foods we eat. Consuming plant proteins has significant health benefits and positively impacts the environment. SFU’s goal is to increase the number of plant-based menu items by 50% by the end of 2025. Check out SFU’s Strategic Sustainability Plan.
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Re-use For Good Initiative

SFU is spearheading change with the launch of Re-use for Good Initiative. Re-use for Good is an SFU Zero-Waste initiative to implement and promote reusable alternatives to single-use plastics and products (SUPPs). In building infrastructure for reusable alternatives, Re-use for Good is reducing the quantity of SUPPs where possible across all dining locations.
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Local Food

At Simon Fraser University, we take our commitment to buying local seriously, in an effort to support our local businesses, farmers, and suppliers. Our largest food operator on campus is required to source a minimum of 25% of its produce locally from BC Farms. SFU Food is on a journey to celebrate local foods and to support local suppliers and businesses. We're proud of our B.C. foods and look forward to continuing to grow these opportunities for the future. 

Zero Waste Initiative

SFU Food is a proud contributor to the award-winning SFU Zero Waste Initiative which introduced standardized four-stream stations across the university. Campus food vendors participate by separating waste into: food scraps and compostables, mixed paper, recyclables and landfill. SFU has implemented packaging standards for food vendors and caterers to eliminate non-recyclable / non-compostable packaging across campus.
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