Made Without Gluten Pantry

SFU Dining offers the Made-Without-Gluten Pantry to meal-plan students with Celiac Disease, wheat allergy, and gluten intolerance. 

The designated space within SFU Dining Commons, features a variety of gluten-free snacks, meals and condiments designed to supplement the overall dining experience.

The room is equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, toaster, microwave oven, and blender so students can heat-up or assemble items. 

To keep the room as safe as possible for those students with gluten intolerance, access is restricted to students meeting the admission criteria, who have applied for access, and have been approved. 

Pantry Access

All meal-plan students requiring access to the space, must complete an on-line form and receive approval before gaining access. 

Once approved, the student can request an access FOB at the front entrance cashier, which can be used during your visit to Dining Commons. 

You must surrender your SFU Student ID card to receive the FOB

Once you are finished using the room, please return the access FOB to the front entrance cashier and your ID card will be returned.

*This program is only open to students on a meal plan

Pantry Inventory

The list below shows some the items that will be available:

  • Snacks – muffins, cookies, cereal, ice cream
  • Waffles, bagels and toast with an assortment of condiments
  • Ingredients for Smoothies (frozen fruit, yogurt, spinach, almond milk)
  • Assorted individual meals – (Tofu Scramble Breakfast Wrap, Tikka Masala Chickpeas, Yellow Lentils)
  • Gluten-free condiments