Health Promotion, Return to Work, Disability, Sick Leave

Summary of Program Objectives and Procedures

The Return to Work / Disability Management Program (RTW/DM) provides opportunities for improved health and morale of University employees, complementing the University's vision of building a robust and ethical society.

The purpose of the RTW/DM Program is to assist employees and supervisors in matters relating to absence, illness and injury, and to facilitate the re-entry of employees to the workplace. The goal of the RTW/DM Program is to reduce absenteeism, sick leave, and short-term and long-term disability experience, thereby reducing costs of absence to the University while enhancing the personal, health and financial well-being of the University's employees. With regard to each employee's capacity, the RTW/DM Program facilitates reintegration of the employee to the workplace in a respectful and consistent manner.

Reporting Supervisors (Supervisor, Manager, Chair, Director, Dean)

  • assist eligible employees to understand sick leave provisions
  • work with employees, the W/RTW/D Coordinator, Human Resources Advisors, and others as required in early intervention, absence management and return to work


  • understand requirements for accessing and entitlements to sick leave, the Wage Indemnity benefit, the Long Term Disability benefit, early intervention and the Return to Work Program
  • follow safe workplace practices
  • advise supervisors and the W/RTW/D Coordinator regarding medical absence
  • participate in the early intervention and return to work program, and work with care providers, supervisors, the W/RTW/D Coordinator and others in the employee's re-integration to the workplace

Return to Wellness, Return to Work, Disability Coordinator (W/RTW/D Coordinator)

  • manages the Wellness, Return to Work, Disability Program
  • facilitates the involvement of all constituent groups, including external care providers, in the W/RTW/D Program