Health Promotion, Return to Work, Disability, Sick Leave

Sick Leave

Medical Leave Process

Steps to begin a medical leave:

  1. Ensure you have spoken with your supervisor to inform them of your leave
  2. Have your physician complete an Attending Physician's Statement (APS) form (with nature of illness, limitations and restrictions preventing you from working, as well as, the minimum expected return date/next assessment date) and submit it directly to our office via email ( or confidential fax (778.782.6873)
  3. Once our team has received the medical, an Organizational Health Specialist will reach out to you to discuss next steps


Sick Leave Entitlement

Where can I go if I need more support?

  • Organizational Health Office
    • Email:
    • Confidential Fax: 778.782.6873
  • Your Union Association’s Office
  • Your physician or therapist (if you are seeing one)
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (Homewood Health)
    • Phone: 1.800.663.1142
    • Website        
      • Accessing Homeweb & Pathfinder online
        • Step 1: Visit Homeweb and click "sign UP"
        • Step 2: Type in Simon Fraser University and click ‘Find it!’. Select from the list provided. Enter information into the required fields, choose an email and password, and click 'Next Step'.
        • Step 3: Confirm how you are covered by Homewood Health, (e.g. through your organization or the organization of a family member), and confirm your relationship to the organization (e.g. employee, spouse, dependent, etc.). Submit the additional information required and click ‘Sign Up’ at the bottom of the page.
        • Invitation Code to Access Pathfinder: SFU522
  • BC Bereavement Helpline, Phone (Greater Vancouver): (604) 738-9950