Health Promotion, Return to Work, Disability, Sick Leave


Absence Management and Early Intervention - Initiatives to assist the employee and supervisor address health and attendance issues, to assist with access to community and University resources, and plan and implement graduated return to work plans.

Accommodation and Modified Duties - Jobs, tasks, hours of work, place of work, device or equipment required for an employee to maintain employment and to work safely.

Duty to Accommodate - Employer, employee, union and association requirements to accommodate an individual's disability in accordance with Human Rights Legislation and Court decisions.

Employee - Includes APSA, CUPE Local 3338, Faculty and PolyParty employees.

Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP) - A University-funded program for employees that provides confidential professional assistance to employees and their immediate family members in resolving personal, family, health and work problems. Access to the EFAP is voluntary and does not require referral. (For more information see the EFAP link in the Benefits section of your employee group.)

Functional Capacity Evaluation - An evaluation by a qualified, independent professional of an employee's physical or mental capacity.

Graduated Return to Work - A form of work conditioning that includes a work schedule that is designed to be assistive to the employee's recovery from illness and/or injury. The GRTW Program is structured in accordance with medical recommendations and work requirements.

Long Term Disability Benefit (LTD) - A benefit payment administered by a third-party insurer to employees who satisfy the definition of disability as defined under the LTD Policy and the relevant Collective Agreement or Policy. This benefit is accessed only after the expiry of sick leave or, for PolyParty employees, expiry of the Wage Indemnity Benefit.

Prognosis - A written statement by a physician of an employee's capacity to perform work and expected date of return to work.

Wage Indemnity benefit (W.I.) - A benefit payment administered by a third-party insurer and received by PolyParty employees who satisfy the definition of disability as defined under the W.I. contract and who are entitled to the benefit under their Collective Agreement. This plan begins only after the expiry of sick leave.

Supervisor - The person to whom the employee reports (Supervisor, Manager, Chair, Director or Dean).

Work Conditioning - An initiative that reintegrates an employee to the workplace. Work conditioning is designed to assist the employee's recovery.

Work Demand Analysis - An analysis of the physical, cognitive, psychological and visual demands of the duties of a job. The Work Demand Analysis is prepared by the W&R Consultant, a kinesiologist or an occupational therapist and is given to health providers to assist them in making recommendations regarding their patient's capacity to return to the workplace.