Research People Team

The Project

The Research Personnel Initiative (RPI) was established in 2018 in support of SFU’s Engaging Research goal of being innovative, competitive and attracting the best researchers. The contributions of our research personnel is invaluable in facilitating our strong research performance – and this foundation is strengthened with our Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Assistants as SFU employees.

  • Better recognize the important role research personnel play at the university.
  • Provide the rights and benefits of employment status.
  • Reflect our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Be competitive with other universities.
  • Provide faculty members with support.
  • Create consistency in employment practices.
  • Reduce the risks associated with managing complex employee relationships.

The RPI project concluded in Feburary 2022 and the operational work has since transitioned to the HR Research People Team (RPT) .

What it Means

Research employees (those conducting and those supporting research) must receive and sign a formal Offer of Employment before they begin their work.

PIs/Supervisors must apply provincial and federal employment standards and university practices consistently through the appointment, supervision and termination of their employees. 

The Supervisor’s role includes orienting new employees, supervising their work and the need to keep track of time worked and time off.

Some research employees may be eligible to join a union. 

RPT maintains employee files and provides assistance with all HR related matters for this group.

The Team

Our goal is to facilitate an effective appointment process and support supervisor/ department needs in the implementation of day-to-day employment practices as they relate to RAs. Members of the team will provide assistance with processes and forms, advice for unusual situations, and guidance on compliance requirements.

  • Elsa Plican, HR Director Research Personnel & HRIS 
  • Tia Gramuglia, HR Strategic Business Partner
  • Alice Deng, HR Specialist
  • Kate du Crôs, HR Associate
  • Sara Webb, HR Associate
  • Eileen Lee, Business Analyst

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Additional Information

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