Student Seminar

Resonant Scattering As A Tool For Soft-Matter Characterization

Jake Stewart, SFU Physics
Location: Online

Friday, 03 December 2021 01:30PM PST


The most familiar application for X-ray scattering is crystallography, wherein the theory of diffraction permits the calculation of lattice lengths. However, there are many material science projects on non-crystalline substances that use X-ray scattering for bulk structure characterization. In these contexts, experimenters must interpret data directly in terms of electron density. Apart from expanding the range of materials scattering methods may be applied to, this view can exploit the resonant behavior of bound electrons to measure key structures separately, and with greater precision, than the rest of the material. This talk will review these methods in the context of fuel cell research currently underway at SFU, which exemplifies the importance of X-ray scattering to the development of advanced materials and energy technologies.