Physics Graduate Caucus


The SFU Physics Graduate Caucus is a student society run by and for physics graduate students at SFU. The main purposes of the caucus are to try and engage students in social activities and to act as a liaison between students and the department of physics or the university. New caucus executives are elected each year in September at the annual general meeting.

The Phys. Grad. Caucus is funded through the Graduate Student Society (GSS) which provides core funding to be spent on student travel, social events, and other initiatives. As a student society, we can also apply for grants to fund academic projects such as guest lecturers, job fairs, poster sessions and the like.

Another key role of the Phys Grad Caucus is to represent the student body on issues such as faculty hiring, TA issues, and any other issues facing the physics graduate population.

The Physics Grad Lounge is in room P9431, and contains a fridge and microwaves as well as couches, a table, and a whiteboard. It is maintained by the caucus.

If you have any questions/suggestions or would like to become involved, please contact the caucus through or individual members here