2021 Undergraduate Research

2021 Annual Lunchtime Seminar Series

Scheduled on Tuesday 12:00PM-1:00PM via Zoom.

Scope: provides research streamline to undergraduate students. Informal 20min ~ 30min basic research talks with discussions (mostly answering student’s questions).


Date Speaker Title Research Area

June 8

Jens Lassen

laser resonance ionization - and its application for an element selective ion source


June 22

Erol Girt



June 29

Joanna Woo

Stellar Populations and the Structural Evolution of Galaxies

Particle Physics

July 6

Nancy Forde



July 13

Kero Lau

On the dawn of quantum technological revolution: what should we care?

Quantum Information

July 20

Karen Kavanagh

What do you need for diffraction?

Condensed Matter

July 27

Bernd Stelzer

Particle Physics, the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson

Particle Physics

August 3

Simon Watkins

Semiconductor nanowires: what good are they?

Condensed Matter

Undergraduate Research Projects

Student Supervisor Research Title

Zachary Podrebersek

Eundeok Mun

Study Fermi surfaces of LaCu2Si2 intermetallic compound through magnetic quantum oscillations

Alyssa Oke

Nancy Forde

(U Waterloo Life Physics student): Temperature-dependent collagen flexibility

Gave a talk on this project at the CUPC (Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference), November 2021

Karmen Gill

Nancy Forde

(SFU Biological Sciences student) – Fluorescence imaging of collagen and the basement membrane

Following USRA: Karmen initiated a collaborative project between my lab and a US-based biotech company.

David Tam

John Bechhoefer


Metea Marr

Bernd Stelzer


Katarina Preocanin

Jens Lassen  

Elliot Wadge

Simon Watkins


Jordan Bischoff

Karen Kavanagh


Ruchir Tullu

Hoi-Kwan Lau

Converting Entangled Waves to Entangled Qubits

(pdf file link)

Julie Besler

Erol Girt


Daniel Alder

Joanna Woo