Research Groups

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Areas of Interest

Bechhoefer Group John Bechhoefer Biophysics and soft condensed matter
Broun Lab
David Broun Superconductivity and nano structures
Cosmology Andrei Frolov, Levon Pogosian, Gopolang Mohlabeng Cosmic microwave background, early universe, dark energy, black holes, testing gravity
Dodge Group
Steve Dodge Quantum matter and nonlinear optics
Emberly Research Group Eldon Emberly Computational biology
Emerging Materials Lab
Eundeok Mun Design and synthesis of novel materials, magnetism, supoerconductivity, quantum criticality
Forde Lab Nancy Forde Molecular biophysics
Frisken Lab Barbara Frisken Soft matter systems
Haljan Group Paul Haljan Trapped ion quantum computing
Hayden Group
Mike Hayden Magnetic resonance and prescision atomic measurement
High Energy Physics
Matthias Danninger, Dugan O'Neil, Bernd Stelzer, Michel Vetterli, Gopolang Mohlabeng Particle physics experiment
Herbut Research Group Igor Herbut Quantum condensed matter theory
J. Thewalt Research Group Jenifer Thewalt Membrane structure and dynamics
Kavanagh Lab Karen Kavanagh Nanoscience and interfaces
Kennett Research Group Malcolm Kennett Quantum condensed matter theory
RIS Group Jens Lassen Laser resonance ionization spectroscopy
MOCVD Research Lab
Simon Watkins Semiconductor growth
McGuirk Group Jeff McGuirk Atomic physics, and Bose-Einstein condensates
Silicon Quantum Technology
Stephanie Simmons, Michael Thewalt Hybrid spin/photon quantum devices
Sivak Group David Sivak Theoretical/computational biophysics
Sonier Research Group Jeff Sonier Superconductivity and quantum materials
PNMD Lab Erol Girt Thin film magnetism
Theoretical Quantum Information Science Kero Lau Theoretical quantum optics/information