Complementary Minor and Certificate Programs

You have a lot of flexibility in creating the degree program at SFU that works for you.  Adding a minor or certificate to your major or honours program can help you prepare for your future career goals and stand out from others who might be applying for the same position.  We've listed some of the programs that complement your physics major or honours program below.

A note of caution when adding a minor to a major or honours program:  Upper-division courses can only count toward one of these programs.  Be sure that the courses you complete fulfill the requirements for both programs independently.

Business and Economics have minor programs for those with the entrepreneurial spirit.  Check out the Certificate in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation programs.

Computing provides minor and certificate programs for those who would benefit from programming skills.

Engineering science computing and electronics design minor can be a good idea for those interested in applying their physics knowledge.

Mathematics minor is a good idea for a physicist, and a really good idea for those planning a career in education.  Statistics is another good minor to consider.

Earth Science, Physical Geography and Geography have minor programs that can work well with a physics degree.  In particular there is a certificate in Spatial Information Systems.

Nuclear Science minor is a good idea for anyone interested in medical physics.

Resource and Environmental Management minor provides a multidisciplinary approach to resource management.