Undergraduate Research: SFU Department of Physics

Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates refer to a variety of programmatic opportunities offered through universities, national, and international scientific organizations (USRA and MITACS). Department of Physics usually hosts around 10-15 undergraduate students working in a specific project (link to faculty project). Participants may be granted stipends. Summer research is available in all physics fields and provide high-level research experiences for undergraduates. In addition, students involved in undergraduate research have opportunities to present their research both on campus and across the country (such as at the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference).

How to applyhttps://www.sfu.ca/physics/undergraduate/current/research-opportunities/usra.html 

USRA 2022: Chemical Physics student Joshua Yu studies graphene nanostructure using scanning transmission electron microscopy with supervisor Prof. Karen Kavanagh, in the Electron Imaging and Holography Facility at SFU (http://www.sfu.ca/eihf).

USRA 2022: Hannah Herdin received hands-on experience and equipment training as undergraduate researcher in Prof. Eundeok Mun’s Lab. Hannah and postdoctoral researcher Suyoung Kim stand in front of Magnetic Property Measurement System, discussing the specs of the equipment.

MITACS 2022: Charlotte Zehnder from Middlebury College is using results from the work she’s done to show Jeff McGuirk how to make higher quality images of ultra-cold atoms that have been cooled to near absolute zero temperature.

MITACS 2022: Jonathan Posada, a MITACS undergraduate research assistant from Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia, reviews the design of a titanium-sapphire femtosecond laser with graduate student Leya Lopez and supervisor Steve Dodge. The Dodge lab uses this laser to do time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy of high-temperature superconductors and other quantum materials.

2022 Undergraduate Research

2022 Annual Lunchtime Seminar Series

Scheduled on Tuesday 12:00PM-1:00PM at Fishbowl.

Informal 20min ~ 30min basic research talks with discussions (mostly answering student’s questions).


Date Speaker Title Research Areas
05/31 Eundeok Mun Housekeeping, photo sessions, and other business
06/07 Daniel Higginbottom Silicon spin-photon devices for quantum technologies (abstract link) Quantum Information
06/14 Jens Lassen   TRIUMF
06/21 Corina Andreoiu Decay Spectroscopy Experiments with Radioactive Beams and Large Spectrometers at TRIUMF Nuclear Science
06/28 Matthias Danninger High-Energy Neutrino Physics High Energy Physics
07/05 Bernd Stelzer Particle Physics, the Large Hadron Collider and the Higgs Boson High Energy Physics
07/12 Jeffrey McGuirk Bose-Einstein condensates - The coldest stuff in the universe Atomic Molecular Optics
07/19 Michel Vetterli Detectors and accelerators High Energy Physics
07/26 Karen Kavanagh Electrically active semiconductor nanostructures Condensed Matter Physics
Student Poster Presentation


Research projects and poster presentations

Student Supervisor Poster Presentation  
Alexia Landry Jens Lassen  
Juliana Besler Erol Girt  
Daniel Sloseris Nancy Forde
Effects of aging on molecular collagen
Jody Tao Nancy Forde
The effects of collagen hybridizing peptides on collagen fibril formation.
Hamish Johnson Matthias Danninger Calibrating an observatory at the bottom of the ocean: The Pacific Ocean Neutrino Experiment
Elektra Dakogiannis Sarah Dunsiger  
Zu Ying Yu Karen Kavanagh Improving the Transfer Method of 2D Materials
Elliot Wadge Corina Andreoiu Gamma-ray Spectroscopy of 92-Sr Using GRIFFIN
Elias Bircher Michel Vetterli Jet Calibration Check
Jordan Bischoff Simon Watkins Excited states of donor bound excitons in ZnO
Michael Plunkett Bernd Stelzer Analyzing Higgs Boson Decay with Deep Neural Networks
Hannah Herdin Eundeok Mun Anisotropic magnetic property of CeAg6In6
Zamir Said David Broun  
Santiago Quintero Steve Dodge  
Jonathan Posada Steve Dodge  
Charlotte Zehnder
Jeffrey McGuirk Noise Reduction for Ultracold Gas Absorption Imaging

Guest Participant

Student Supervisor Research Poster Presentation  
Geoffrey M Nonis Graeme J Koelwyn Geoffrey is a Biological Physics student and has been conducting research in Summer 2022 under the supervision of Graeme J Koelwyn (Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences). Geoffrey’s research focuses on “how exercise influence the redeployment of immune cells in various scenarios”. Geoffrey would love to present a poster at the Physics UG poster presentation. The Role of Exercise to Reverse Systemic Inflammation, Hypercoagulation and Immune Suppression Following Sepsis


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