Breadth Courses

Physics 190: Introduction to Astronomy

Take a survey of astronomy, from the confines of our solar system, to the outer limits of the observable universe! Get out of the classroom and experience the thrill of scientific discovery! Conduct observations of the Moon, stars, and planets, and do hands-on experiments in some of the basic physics that astronomers use to explore the cosmos!

Follow the history of astronomy & physics, from the ancient Greeks to the Renasissance, through to the modern view of the universe as revealed by the scientific method. Learn about discoveries that have transformed our conceptions of the laws of nature, from quantum physics to the Big Bang. Examine the latest evidence for dark matter and dark energy, and confront startling new theories of the origin and destiny of the cosmos!

This course is for non-science majors and satisfies B-Sci and Q requirements.

Starry Nights @ SFU


Physics 192: Logarithm & Blues

Join Prof. Mike Hayden and singer/songwriter Jay Knutson in an exploration of music, acoustics, and the physics of sound. An exploration of the production, propagation and perception of sound and music from an interdisciplinary perspective. The viewpoints of a professional musician and a physicist will be presented and compared. Topics include elementary acoustics, instrument characteristics, reproduction technologies, tonal anomalies and perception.

This course is for non-science majors and satisfies B-Sci requirements.