David Lee Awarded Staff Achievement Award

January 18, 2023

David’s profound influence on the Department of Physics and his efforts in promoting SFU to the public through numerous outreach events have earned him the 2022 Staff Achievement Award for Work Performance.

David has worked as a technician in the Department of Physics since 2008. His knowledge on the theory and implementation of a wide array of topics in modern physics has made him an invaluable asset to the department. David’s duties and expertise include working with lasers, electronics, x-ray diffraction, machine tools, computer network and software. He has also been instrumental in the set-up of many experiments for the 3rd/4th year lab and the successful integration of Biophysics into the teaching lab.

David’s efforts and involvement in outreach events extends far beyond the expectations of his position. Examples include the many experiments and props he designed and fabricated for Halloween Spooktacular, Discover Physics, and numerous other events. Recently he had stepped up and obtained a Safe Food Handler certificate, allowing the department to continue hosting Welcome Barbeques for students.

David has also been heavily involved with the Trottier Observatory, taking a lead role in its operation and upkeep. The observatory is an important landmark for SFU and the main attraction of the Starry Night event held on Fridays when the sky is clear. David’s efforts allow the observatory to function properly, receive technical improvements, and be accessed and controlled remotely by its many users.