Fall 2022

Course Title Instructor
SA 101 D100 Introduction to Anthropology (A) Bascom Guffin
SA 101 D900 Introduction to Anthropology (A) Bascom Guffin
SA 101 OL01 Introduction to Anthropology (A) Cristina Moretti
SA 150 D100 Introduction to Sociology (S) Kyle Willmott
SA 150 D900 Introduction to Sociology (S) Maureen Kihika
SA 200W OL01 Power, Conflict and Change in Canadian Society (SA) Amanda Watson
SA 201W D100 Anthropology and Contemporary Life (A) Natasha Ferenczi
SA 231 D100 Sociology of Families (S) Barbara Mitchell
SA 250 D100 Introduction to Sociological Theory (S) Debbie Dergousoff
SA 255 D100 Introduction to Social Research (SA) Nicholas Scott
SA 257 D200 Understanding Quantitative Research in Sociology and Anthropology (SA) Katherine Watson
SA 301 D100 Contemporary Ethnography (A) Kathleen Millar
SA 302W D100 Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism (SA) Amanda Watson
SA 304 D100 Social Control (S) Debbie Dergousoff
SA 317 D100 Sociology of Art Forms (S) Gary Teeple
SA 318 D100 Technologies of Health and Expectation (A) Stacy Pigg
SA 321 D100 Social Movements (S) Debbie Dergousoff
SA 340 D100 Social Issues and Social Policy Analysis (SA) Lindsey Freeman
SA 345 OL01 Race, Immigration and the Canadian State (S) Wendy Chan
SA 350 D100 Classical Sociological Thought (S) Yildiz Atasoy
SA 351 D100 Classical Marxist Thought (S) Gary Teeple
SA 353 D100 Sociology of Sport (S) . Travers
SA 355 D100 Quantitative Methods (S) Nicholas Scott
SA 356W D100 Ethnography and Qualitative Methods (SA) Natasha Ferenczi
SA 362 D100 Society and the Changing Global Division of Labour (S) Yildiz Atasoy
SA 364 E100 Urban Communities and Cultures (SA) Cristina Moretti
SA 366 D100 Special Topics in Sociology (S) (Transgender Studies) . Travers
SA 366 D200 Special Topics in Sociology (S) (Spaces of Memory) Lindsey Freeman
SA 368 E100 Language, Ideology, and Power (A) Jie Yang
SA 375 D100 Labour and the Arts of Living (A) Kathleen Millar
SA 418 E100 Global Health: Humanitarian Encounters (A) Stacy Pigg
SA 420 C100 Sociology of Aging (S)
SA 442 E100 Applying the Sociological Imagination (S) (Indigenous-SettlerRelations) Kyle Willmott
SA 450 E100 Advanced Sociological Theory (S) Cynthia Patton
SA 451 E100 Issues in Anthropological Theory (A) Jie Yang
SA 495 D100 Project Mapping Seminar (SA)
SA 496 D100 Directed Readings in Anthropology (A)
SA 497 D100 Directed Readings in Sociology (S)
SA 499 D100 Honours Essay (SA)
SA 499 D200 Honours Essay (SA)