IUPP: Admission Requirements

IUPP is a pre-degree pathway that supports Indigenous students prepare and transition into degree programs at SFU. This pathway admits young and/or mature learners who want to join a cohort of Indigenous students in an environment that affirms and integrates Indigenous knowledge and perspectives. Please review the IUPP admission requirements.

Admission requirements

  • Applicants must normally have graduated from high school
  • Foundations of Math 10
  • English 11 or English 11 First Peoples
  • Official Transcripts (High School or any educational institution that reflects the required courses listed above)
  • One letter of reference (non-family)
  • Provide documentation of Aboriginal heritage (First Nations, Métis, or Inuit). This could include but is not limited to, Indian or Métis status cards, official Inuit identification, official letters from Aboriginal organizations, or a combination of documents and in-person interviews. (For more information or if you are experiencing challenges with attaining documentation then please email: indigenous_students@sfu.ca.)
  • Successful completion of the Math Immersion for Indigenous Scholars Program (MIISP), which is a free online 4-week/2 hours per day program running in July to prepare you for IUPP.

IUPP Topics:


Angela Wolfe, Director of Indigenous Recruitment and Admissions