IUPP: Ready to apply

IUPP applications are through Education Planner BC. There are three prompts for you to choose in your application to IUPP.

  1. Admission Category – Choose Indigenous University Preparation Pathway (IUPP)
  2. Faculty: Choose Indigenous University Preparation Pathway (IUPP)
  3. Program: Choose Indigenous University Preparation Pathway (IUPP)

Application Fee: There is no application fee.

Additional Application Steps

  • Interview with Director of IUPP and Director of Indigenous Recruitment and Admission. (Applicants will be contacted via email for the date and time of interview)
  • Letter of Intent or Letter of Introduction to be submitted after you have applied through the EPBC link, via email to: indigenous_students@sfu.ca

IUPP Topics:


Angela Wolfe, Director of Indigenous Recruitment and Admissions

Description of Letter of Intent

All applicants to IUPP are required to write and submit a personal Letter of Intent that details their personal experiences. SFU and IUPP are committed to holistically nurturing students, and the inclusion of the Letter of Intent provides us with an opportunity to learn about applicants beyond their academic history. The Letter of Intent should be about 1-2 pages that help us get to know you better. It is helpful if you can share something about where you grew up, what experiences have influenced your decision to pursue post-secondary education, and any challenges you have faced or achievements you have made along the way.

Please share what you hope to gain from being a part of IUPP, and your academic and/or professional goals. You can also include extracurricular activities, community connections, and volunteer work. Providing information about your past and current education is helpful, as well as any courses you plan to take in the coming months.

We have listed three core areas your Letter of Intent should address. The potential prompts are suggestions. Please respond to those that best represent your experiences, and feel free to add information beyond the scope of the prompts listed.

Personal Backbround Information

Potential prompts are listed below:

  •  Where is home?
  • Tell us about your family and/or community. How have they shaped the person you are today?
  • Tell us about your K-12 schooling experience. Are there any challenges you faced and/or successes that you are proud of?
  • What are the most significant aspects of your educational or work experiences?
  • Are there any unique and/or distinctive life experiences that have shaped who you are?
  • Have you had any challenges or barriers to overcome on your journey?

Aboriginal Engagement & Awareness

Potential prompts are listed below:

  • What are your past, present, and future connections to an Indigenous community?
  • What aspects of Indigenous culture are you most familiar with and/or interested in?
  • How has your interest in or identification with Indigenous peoples influenced your life to this point?

Why is IUPP right for you?

Potential prompts are listed below:

  • What motivated you to apply to IUPP?
  • What aspects of the program will be helpful to you and why? Please be specific.
  • How can completing your IUPP in an Indigenous-focused program help you achieve your goals?

Mailing address:

IUPP via Indigenous Admission and Recruitment
Simon Fraser University
Maggie Benston Centre 3000
8888 University Drive
Burnaby B.C. Canada V5A 1S6