IUPP: Tuition fees

Tuition and fees

2023 to 2024 Academic Calendar Year

The estimated costs for the Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 terms, supplementary fees* and SFSS Health and Dental Plan fees (if applicable) are as follows:

Fall 2023: September to December 2023
Tuition fees $203.80 x 11 units = $2,241.80
Supplementary fees 2 $472.45
Subtotal $2,714.25
SFSS Health and Dental
SFSS Health Plan Fee
If applicable; Per calendar year Sept 1, 2023 to Aug 31,2024)
SFSS Dental Plan Fee
If applicable; per calendar year 
Subtotal $267.08

Note: If the student is already covered by an equivalent health and/or dental plan, the students are able to opt-out of the health and dental plan.

Spring 2024: January to April 2024
Tuition fees $203.80 x 13 units = $2,649.40
Supplementary fees 2 $472.45
Subtotal $3,121.85

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Angela Wolfe, Director of Indigenous Recruitment and Admissions

Total fees fall 2023 and Spring 2024

Tuition fees  $208.80 x 24 units 1 = $5,011.20
Supplementary fees 2 $944.90
Total 3 $5,956.10
Plus SFSS Health and dental if applicable.

1 24 units over 8 courses (16 academic units and 8 units of Foundations of courses). SFU considers students as being full-time students with a course load of nine units (credits) per term.

SFU assesses the Student Services/Recreation-Athletics fee, the student activity fee and the U-Pass BC fee to all eligible students in each term of enrollment (exemptions from one or more of these fees may be available

3 This is an estimate, maybe subject to change.

Note: Book and supplies cost may be evaluated at approximately $936/term. Additional costs may arise for residence or meal plan fees (if applicable).