IUPP: Overview


We welcome First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students to a university learning environment that affirms and integrates Indigenous knowledge and perspectives. You will join a cohort of like-minded Indigenous students and explore university together with Elders, mentors, tutors, and instructors while taking two foundations courses (Math and English) and six university courses.

Upon successful completion of the IUPP (2.5 GPA), you will be granted admission to SFU and your completed credits will count towards your undergraduate degree.

Are you...

  • A high school graduate? A mature student?
  • Considering going to university and want to explore different career options?
  • Someone who wants to prepare for university-level math and advanced academic writing?
  • Wanting to connect with a cohort group of Indigenous students in a safe and supportive environment?
  • Looking to open doors to more learning and working opportunities?

You will gain:

  • A solid foundation of academic and personal success
  • Support from tutors, academic advisors and staff
  • Academic units (credits) towards your undergraduate degree
  • A solid preparation for university-level Math and Academic Writing
  • A smooth transition into degree programs at SFU

IUPP Topics:


Angela Wolfe, Director of Indigenous Recruitment and Admissions