Cycling is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to get around Metro Vancouver.  Designated bicycle routes around the city make travel easier for cyclists.  Below are some tips for buying and riding your bike in Vancouver.

Buying a bicycle

A used bike is much less expensive than a new one. You can find used bikes for sale through various online platforms (eg., Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace) and some bicycle stores. Your bike must have a bell and front and rear lights. You must also wear a helmet; it is the law. Bike theft is common — buy a good bicycle lock and use it whenever you leave your bike unattended.

Rules of the road

Vancouver and Burnaby have developed a system of bikeways for cyclists. In Canada, cyclists must follow the same traffic safety laws as anyone driving a motorized vehicle.

For your personal safety and that of others, remember to:

  • ride on the bike paths or on the right side of the road, and not on the sidewalks
  • yield to pedestrians, red lights and stop signs
  • ride single-file
  • hand-signal before turning

Most buses are equipped for bike transportation. The SkyTrain also allows you to bring your bike aboard during non-rush-hour traffic. Visit the TransLink website for detailed cycling information and route maps.