Effective May 19th, 2015, all eligible SFU students are required to load the U-Pass BC onto the Compass Card.

The Universal Transit Pass BC (U-Pass BC) is a mandatory program for SFU students who are:

1. Enrolled in at least one on-campus course

2. Assessed the undergraduate or graduate student activity fee; or

3. Enrolled in 3 or more units OR tuition fee is over $680

The U-Pass BC provides unlimited, all-zone access to public transit in Metro Vancouver.

If you are on a formal exchange program and are paying fees only to your home institution, you will still be able to load the U-Pass BC onto the Compass Card.

Pay your U-Pass BC fee by online banking, Flywire, cheque to SFU Student Accounts or at the Registrar and Information Services counter at the Burnaby, Vancouver or Surrey campus.

Using your U-Pass BC

To use the transit system, tap in and tap out every time you enter and exit a bus or station, including when you transfer. The U-Pass BC on your Compass Card is only valid when you have your SFU student ID card with you. If you're taking the West Coast Express, you'll need to pay an additional fare at the ticket machines located at each station.

Before you receive your U-Pass:

You must pay the regular fare on public transit. The system is divided into three zones, and the cost depends on how many zones you are travelling through. When travelling by bus, you'll receive a paper “transfer” as proof that you've paid your fare. Transfers are valid for 90 minutes (the expiration time is printed on the back) and can be used to continue travel in any direction without paying again until the transfer expires. Bus drivers do not give change, so you must pay the exact fare.  You can travel through three zones for the price of one after 6:30 pm, and on weekends and holidays.