Ash Parameswaran

December 31, 2011

When Ash Parameswaran, a professor in the School of Engineering Science, was named one of three recipients of SFU’s 2011 Excellence in Teaching Awards, John Jones wasn’t surprised.

Jones, who is acting director of the school, identified the quality that makes Parameswaran unique in an interview with the SFU News: “The reason Ash’s teaching stands out, even in a school with a number of very good teachers, is simple. He takes delight in discovery and creation, and he is able to convey that delight to his students.”

Parameswaran, who previously received the APEGBC Teaching Award for Excellence in Engineering and Geoscience Education in 2007, reveals that his enthusiasm for teaching is grounded in the belief that knowledge transfer plays an important – perhaps the most important – role in advancing the welfare of the entire community.

It’s interesting to note that he doesn’t advocate a particular style of teaching. Rather, he recognizes that some students learn well from lectures, while others learn more from hands-on experimentation. Many of his students participate in co-op work programs, and he is happy to help them connect classroom concepts with workplace applications there as well.

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