A math lecturer uses video in his flipped classroom

March 16, 2014

The Teaching and Learning Centre's EdMedia Protege (EMP) program helps faculty members and instructors to master the creation and use of media in their courses. Jamie Mulholland, a senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematics, came to the program with some video-making experience under his belt, but wanted to develop and hone his skills in making supportive and informative teaching videos that would enable him to effectively “flip” his classroom. He outlined his needs to videographer Adam O. Thomas and systems consultant Danny Lee—both of whom work with EMP program participants—and then took the plunge into a more robust video creation strategy. Combining a digital camera, a green screen and lighting rig set up in his office, a Zoom H4N audio recorder and Adobe Creative Suite for postproduction, Mulholland has created an ever-increasing series of online video tutorials and quizzes that allow his students to practice and explore course fundamentals at home. The video above is one example of his work. Now he devotes class time to addressing the questions that his students bring with them. In effect, the approach has created more time to offer a richer learning environment.