October 26, 2018

Public presentation: Candidate for the new position of TLC associate director, Indigenous initiatives

The Teaching and Learning Centre's new associate director, Indigenous initiatives, will help define a vision for Indigenization and decolonization of the university.

An invitation for the SFU community

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 | 10:00–10:50 a.m. | Saywell Hall Atrium 9082, Burnaby
Webcast locations: Surrey 3595 | Vancouver HC 2250
Livestream link (watch at your desk): i.sfu.ca/vqhgpZ

Please note that the video archive of this event is now available.

What does Indigenization and decolonization of the university mean? How does it affect teaching, learning and curriculum? What is the overall vision and who shapes it?  

The Teaching and Learning Centre is seeking its first-ever Associate Director, Indigenous Initiatives, to build relationships with stakeholders and help answer those questions.

On Tuesday, October 30, 2018, Dorothy Christian, a candidate for the new position, will be making a public presentation to share her vision for the role. The presentation will include her thoughts on the scope of the position, possible goals for the next three years, and a description of the expertise she brings. There will be time for questions.

You are warmly invited to attend this special event. Registration is not required, and we encourage you to bring a friend. For anyone unable to attend in person, webcast locations have been arranged in Surrey and Vancouver and a livestream feed will be available via the TLC website or directly at i.sfu.ca/vqhgpZ. Livestream viewers will be able to participate in the question and answer session by emailing tlcdir@sfu.ca.

After the event, you will have the opportunity to submit your feedback and comments regarding the candidate via an online form until 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

A link to the webcast recording of the presentation will be available on the TLC website after the event.