January 15, 2016

Task Force on Flexible Education: Senate calls for a detailed action plan

The final report of the Task Force on Flexible Education contains seven recommendations along with proposed actions and timelines.

On December 9, 2015, Senate reviewed the final report of the Task Force on Flexible Education (TFFE) and approved a motion instructing the Vice-President, Academic, to return with a detailed action plan.

The report contains seven recommendations intended to foster flexibility in teaching and learning at SFU, along with “potential action pathways” for each recommendation.

The recommendations in their final form (taken from Section IV, Proposed Actions and Timelines, and grouped according to five “themes”) are given below. The full report is available here.

Theme: Designing engaging and responsive academic programs

Recommendation 1: Provide opportunities for community engagement or practical experiences within all SFU programs.

Theme: Fostering student agency

Recommendation 2: Create a foundational experience in learning for life for all SFU students.

Theme: Reinforcing connections between research, teaching and practice

Recommendation 3: Use research on teaching and learning to guide, develop and expand innovative teaching and learning practices across SFU.
Recommendation 4: Provide better professional development opportunities for all instructors.

Theme: Enhancing learning environments—both digital and physical

Recommendation 5: Proactively research and explore digital learning and teaching systems, and develop and implement a digital infrastructure for the creation and distribution of instructional resources across SFU campuses.
Recommendation 6: Create renewed spaces for student life and learning across SFU campuses.

Theme: Aligning educational research and service for the future

Recommendation 7: Appoint a senior administrator to guide and facilitate a strategic approach to learning and teaching across all learning units at SFU.

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