February 20, 2019

SFU Teaching Stories: Hot off the press

SFU Teaching Stories is a new 60-page compilation of faculty profiles from the Teaching and Learning News blog. It's free and available in print and digital formats.

The top-rated posts on the Teaching and Learning News blog are profiles of faculty members and their teaching practices. That’s no surprise. For anyone who teaches, the profiles offer a chance to peek into the classroom or course next door and compare notes.

But blog posts tend to have a short life, and that’s a shame because these stories of creativity, imagination and commitment deserve wide and enduring circulation.

Download your free digital copy of SFU Teaching Stories.

The Teaching and Learning Centre’s first edition of SFU Teaching Stories is an attempt to share the work of SFU faculty members and instructional staff in a more permanent form. It’s a 60-page book containing 24 stories from 2017 and 2018 that represent every SFU Faculty and many disciplines. We hope it will be the beginning of a tradition that celebrates exemplary teaching and teachers while providing ideas for inspiration and imitation.

Copies of SFU Teaching Stories are free. You can download a 60-page digital copy from the link above or request a printed copy from the Teaching and Learning Centre at tlcentre@sfu.ca.