Robyn Schell

Learning Technology Specialist


Dr. Robyn Schell came to SFU from Douglas College, where she worked as an online learning designer. Robyn also worked as an RA and project coordinator on the national Simulation and Advanced Gaming for Education in Health Education for four years at SFU. Robyn believes that learning technologies are essential tools for connecting and engaging learning and teaching communities both here on campus and beyond. Her goal is to create a positive and productive experience for those learning and teaching online.

Robyn completed her undergrad degree (History), MA (Education and Technology) and PhD (Education) at SFU. Her master’s research focussed on the integration of narrative in problem-based learning case studies for medical education. Her doctoral research was concerned with life-long learning, learning design, and games for education. She has published and presented internationally. 

Robyn provides technical and pedagogical support to instructors and is responsible for developing programming for the TLC’s learning technology team. She has facilitated an institution-wide DEMOfest showcasing educational technology in action; Canvas Now!, an event highlighting innovative approaches to teaching and learning delivered on SFU’s Canvas learning management system; and designed several workshops including Designing for Blended Learning, ePortfolios for Learning, and Gaming for Education.

Robyn has a strong commitment to knowledge transfer and exchange and founded the BC Knowledge Transfer & Exchange Community of Practice (BC KTE). She is a certified Professional Project Manager.


Robyn is a an avid sailor, movie enthusiast (alas, Videomatica is gone) and kayaker.

Selected Publications

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