Beedie School of Business Co-operative Education

Welcome to Beedie School of Business Co-op

Want to build your resume and get paid while you do your degree? You can. Business Co-op is an optional program that puts you in front of and working with employers in all sectors, private, public to NGO. You can be working in a small private company or large government organization, getting an accounting designation or making a splash in marketing. Perhaps your path includes obtaining your CHRP, CPA and MBA. Or it could be that securities, derivatives, mergers and acquisitions are your calling. Co-op students compete for real job offers and work full time for 4 or 8 months at at time. Your professional life begins here.

We invite you to read through the SFU Co-op Student Guide as you begin your co-op participation. The handbook is a resource and guide that will assist you throughout the remainder of your co-op career. Please consult the Guide on an ongoing basis to make the most of your participation in our program.

How does Co-op work?

We’ll help you boost your resume, cover letter, and interview skills and you’ll get as much coaching as you want to make yourself a competitive job seeker.  You’ll alternate between full-time study semesters and full-time paid work semesters in your field.  As a Co-op student at Beedie, no semester is the same and your marketable skills increase each term.

Diverse Options

Whether you’re into branding, product placement, finance, banking, accounting, managing networks and information systems, HR recruitment, succession planning, or running your own start-up, you’ll get hand-on paid experience in your sector. Ready to learn how? Click here.